A financial consulting company that helps individuals put their finances on auto-pilot.  There are a lot of people out there who don’t like or understand their regular finances and need help getting set up.  This consultant company would be designed to help an individual review their finances and set them up on automated systems.  Using “auto-pay” and “auto-transfer” resources available, this company can help to make sure bills are paid on time and financial goals can be put on track.

In Practice

As the consultant, you would be able to put your clients finances into a self running system.  For example, paychecks would be set up into direct deposit.  Within the bank account, automatic transfers are set up to move the money into predetermined buckets (bills, savings, specific goals).  Bills would be put on auto pay schedules out of those bank accounts (car, insurance, rent, credit card, ext.).

Based on each individuals goals, money would be automated for investing as well.  A weekly transfer would be scheduled into an investment account in order to slowly work towards long term goals as well.

As part of the set up, the consultant can schedule 6 month reviews to go over the finances and adjust goals and targets.  Like an oil change for a car, regular reviews can make sure the systems are still working appropriately.

Additional Thoughts

This would be an easy system to add for existing financial consultants.  With the digital systems in place for most banks and companies, it should not be difficult for someone who knows what they are doing to get these systems in place for their clients.  There are a lot of people out there who are intimidated by there finances and have never learned how to properly manage their accounts.  These automated systems can help funnel their money to the appropriate places without constant monitoring or stress.

A simple, stress free automation system for your finances!

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