A food truck franchise set up at colleges around the country.  Used as a low cost investment for college students to start their own business, while also receiving training towards business fundamentals.

In Practice

A single student or small group of students can invest in the food truck/cart franchise.  They will be set up and shown how to run the business and allowed to operate with a degree of freedom in order to make money for themselves while at school.  Setting schedules, promotions, hiring and firing as needed, financials, and other responsibilities will fall on these individuals.

Another key element of this would be an in depth learning experience on how to run a business.  The training programs through the franchise opportunity will allow these students to gain valuable experience that will help them grow into successful entrepreneurs or give them a leg up in any job interview.

Once the students graduate, they can continue to operate the business or sell the franchise off to another student/group of students.  The franchise format will help provide structure and direction for these new entrepreneurs.

Additional Thoughts

This concept is based on solid leadership and commitment to the franchisees from whoever sets this up.  It is crucial that a hands on teaching approach is used in order to help these succeed.  Working with student organizations as well as the individual business departments would be very beneficial in getting more buy in to the program.

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