A personal trainer who comes to clients homes to design a workout program for them based on the equipment they already have at their house.  Removing the need for any gym membership fees along with commute time to get to the gym, or uncomfortable peer pressure.  Can expand into nutritionist field as well in order to provide a more holistic health concierge service.

In Practice

The personal trainer will provide an in home consultation to design a workout program tailored to each individuals goals.  These programs will be based on the equipment that has been collected over the years collecting dust in everyone’s homes, along with the space available.  This custom program allows the trainer to design a specific program for each individuals needs.

Personal trainers can keep up with their clients in a variety of ways to ensure continued success.  A monthly hour long consultation session to review the previous months workout and goals, and to tweak the program to help them work towards new goals.  This allows for consistent check ins and new programs to be set up to avoid plateaus.

An app/web program that allows the trainer to send their clients their individual workout program for the month will also help keep accountability up.  It would provide an intensive to keep the clients on track towards their goals.  This check in program would also allow clients to ask questions or be given feedback on the program.

Additional Thoughts

This system can be implemented by current personal trainers looking to increase their income.  It could also be set up as a larger business by an entrepreneur who is looking to hire multiple personal trainers either nationally or across a large area.

Getting in shape and healthy living are important goals for everyone.  The fitness industry consistently grows, but most of that equipment sits ideal in people’s houses.  This system would help to keep clients accountable towards their goals within their current schedule and lifestyle.

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