A platform that connects people who are in the process of learning a language with someone who speaks that language naturally.  Doesn’t require any teaching directly, but gives the person trying to learn a language an environment to practice their skills in a non-formal/casual conversation setting.

This allows those who have been working on learning a new language a format to practice, which will encourage them to work on their skills more.  It also creates a way for those of different cultures to form connections.

In Practice

Someone would bring up the app/website, enter the language they want to learn, and would be connected with someone via an audio program or Skype.  They would be able to have a casual conversation.  It would be the same way you talk to someone you just met in the beginning which is the most common beginners language training.  As conversations progress if you talk with someone more often and get to learn them, the complexity of the language would grow with their ability.

Additional Thoughts

An incentive might have to be added to get natural speakers to sign up for this program since they have less to gain in the interaction.  Could either ask those looking to learn one language to also spend time being a natural speaker for someone of another culture.  Or add a financial incentive to get more people to join that side of the platform.

This could be a great process to foster increased language learning and cultural sharing in the world.

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