A small external hard drive that connects directly to your smartphone in order to store photos, videos, and files.  For those who would prefer to have a hard copy of their files besides just cloud storage.  Designed as a USB drive with a smartphone (apple or android) connection on the other side.  It can plug into the phone, than plug into a computer or photo kiosk later on.

In Practice

With the growing amount of data and pictures out there, this device will help individuals keep track of whats important to them.  These external hard drives can store music or photos that take up a lot of space, without having to load them all onto your phone.  It also provides a back up of all your important information if something happens to your phone.

There is also a large market out there for people who don’t understand or don’t want to use cloud software.  They would appreciate a simple system that can help them keep track of their photos.  Also allows individuals to share copies of their photos from an event with friends easily instead of transferring such large files.

Additional Thoughts

Through the right manufacturer, these could be assembled at a low cost and sold at a reasonable rate.  With phones carrying such a large portion of our lives on them, there is a large demand to insure that you don’t lose anything important to you.  As a convenience or back up, a smartphone external hard drive would be very popular.

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