A short term Sales Force of highly skilled Sales Professionals that can be contracted for a certain period of time.  They will help develop the sales strategy and canvas an area or market, bringing in long term clients for the company that hires them.  They will also help set up the companies Sales Department for continued success after their contract was up.

In Practice

A company looking for a boost in revenue would hire out our companies services.  We would get background information on the company, industry, market in order to put together a game-plan.  Backed by a skilled administrative and research department, our Sales Professionals would go out and blanket a market to bring in new clients.  This would provide an immediate and lasting spike in business for the company that hired our services.

As success grows, more Sales Professionals and administrative and research staff can be brought on in order to expand the operations.  Can split up our team on multiple projects at a time as we grow and improve on economy of scale.

Additional Thoughts

This can be used to grow a sales consultant company or start a new venture.  It wouldn’t require much besides sales experience to start out, and can easily be expanded as the company grows.

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