Week long program that can help teach kids how to live their life to the fullest.  Set up for different age groups to help them begin learning the personal development skills that will help lead them towards the life they want.  It would be a great way to begin instilling the skills needed in the real world that aren’t taught in schools.

In Practice

It could be set up as an after school program, or for week long sessions as a summer camp.  Children would learn concepts in a fun format that teach them personal development skills that will help them in the long run throughout their life.  A curriculum can be made up to include mindset, work ethic, self esteem, goal setting, and other material that help people succeed in life.

Diverse topics would be covered such as finances, personal health, and relationships; that would help kids grow towards a successful life.  Beginning to instill these principles at a young age could help these kids form a life long habit of personal development and continuous improvement.

Additional Thoughts

These life skills would have such a positive impact on the lives of these children as well as their communities.  It could also be set up as a non-profit organization.  If you find success at a test location, you can expand to Brick & Motor locations in other areas; or look to automate an online system.

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