A company that helps digitize small businesses and teaches them how to utilize the information they gain.  Helping create processes and switch repetitive manual and data entry tasks to automated digital ones.  With increased tracking in an automated process, it will help improve efficiency within the company.  They can look at better understanding customer demand, what’s profitable, and reduce operational overlap.

In Practice

This company would be brought in to help digitize and modernize a small business that might be stuck in there ways, but are getting passed by competition.  They would be shown how to capture more data and information surrounding the business, as well as be taught how to utilize and understand that information to create greater efficiency within the company

The clients would be able to reduce operational costs through increased efficiency and effectiveness through smoother processes.  They would also be able to find more market opportunities to increase sales.  With lower costs and increased sales, the companies should notice large gains in profitability.

Additional Thoughts

Most of these companies that have resisted modernizing their operations are inherently resistant to change.  However, with management by in and investment; those are the types of companies that could see the greatest positive impact.

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