Indoor golf club where you play rounds of digital golf (actually golfing, but hitting into a screen) all year long.  Clients are able to play from a large list of courses.  Different pods can be set up where groups of 1-4 can play.  Complete with pro shop, locker room, bar/restaurant, driving range, and putting green.  It would provide a relaxed, approachable atmosphere for golfers who want to play year round, as well as those who want to work on their game, or are intimidated by the Country Club atmosphere.

In Practice

This digital golf club would be a more relaxed and social form of golfing then the traditional course.  Without all of the stigmas and formalities this format would appeal to broader range of people.  The costs to maintain would also be significantly lower than a traditional golf course.

Someone could come in for a tee off time.  Practice at the driving range and putting green.  Then go to a “pod” with their group to play.  Without the difficulty of traveling between shots and finding the balls, the round will play much quicker.  This will also allow for more socialization for those playing together.

As the technology increases, the experience can grow to be more and more immersive for the players.  This can also be put around cities where there normally wouldn’t be access to play.  No rain delays, along with snow or other weather concerns.

Additional Thoughts

This format would find a successful niche audience in all locations.  However the most successful locations I imagine would be; cities where space is at a premium and alternative options aren’t around.  The Northern parts of the United States where weather interferes in the winter.  It would also have success along with current driving ranges.  Allowing them to expand the experiences being offered.

This format would help bring golf to a wider audience that can greatly expand the popularity of the sport.  It would be a great way for a younger audience to get introduced in a less intimidating format than the traditional golf course.  Along with a wider range of possibilities.

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