A company that handles difficult conversations so people don’t have to.  There are many conversations in life that need to happen.. and many people who don’t want to to have them.  A company that handles these difficult conversations for you could save people a lot of anxiety.

In Practice

Someone can outsource a difficult conversation they don’t want to deal with personally.  If they want to break up with a significant other and haven’t been able to get themselves to do it, they can outsource this conversation.  Or for those who have to alert family and friends of a loved ones passing, but don’t have the energy to do it themselves.  They could have this company contact those who have to be notified.

People will still have to deal with the consequences of these conversations, but they will help people begin generating the conversations they need to have.  With more and more people lacking the social skills needed to do this, it allows an alternative for them to communicate what needs to be said.

Additional Thoughts

These conversations can include a large variety of topics.  From individual use of those who have personal issues they need help dealing with.  To businesses who have to communicate difficult topics with a large group, but don’t have the resources to do this directly themselves.

People have been increasingly avoidance of direct social interactions.  So this is a logical evolution of that trend.

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