A company that helps individuals get their online personal brand organized and under control.  Targeted towards young professionals who have a back log of embarrassing college posts and pictures all over their social media history.  The company would help clean up someones online image, and put together a professional and customized personal brand for each individual.

Along with helping to help get their personal brand set up, they would periodically check in to monitor that everything is still aligned with their goals.  In a world where our online presence and footprint is ever increasing, people will need a resource to help them put their best foot forward.

In Practice

The company would be hired to work with their clients to go through their online image.  Figure out where they are currently, and where they need to get to in order to market their personal brand in a way that will help them reach their goals.  Experts in the social media field will help delete or hide the history of posts that no longer represent who the individual is becoming and what is in line with their personal brand.

After going through past issues with their social media accounts, the company could begin setting up the marketing game plan for their personal brand.  Based on the individual and industry/career aspirations, a specific plan of action would be put in place to set up the personal brand that will help the individual a great start towards their goals.

Once the social media background is cleaned up and organized and the personal brand is set up; a periodic check up will be scheduled to ensure their clients are keeping up with their personal brand goals.  This accountability system will help ensure they stay on track with their personal goals.

Additional Thoughts

With the large online and social media use from young people these days, many posts and pictures get put up that they will later not want to represent them to potential employers, investors, or clients in the future.  A company that has expert skills in social media management along with personal brand marketing would be in high demand for young professionals, and many other people now and into the future.

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