A large towel that can be used to clean up when you are out camping, finishing up a sporting event, or anywhere you don’t have access or time for a shower.  Sort of like a large wet nap that can be used to quickly clean up.  Perfect for Marathon/Distance runners, after rugby matches, soccer games, when camping, at music festivals, or many other activities.

Sometimes you want to clean up after an activity, but don’t have the time or access for a quick shower.  This product would allow you to wash up in a quick manor.

In Practice

A customer might purchase this product if they were doing a 5k with friends in the summertime, and grabbing lunch together afterwards.  Since there is not time to stop at home in the meantime, the shower towel would be a perfect alternative by allowing you to quickly wipe down before you go out to lunch.

By wicking away sweat and having a built in body wash; you would be able to get a quick wash in environments you normally would not be able to.  It is not designed for daily use, but those who lead an active lifestyle know how nice it would be to get cleaned up after an event.  There is a large market of highly active individuals out there who would greatly benefit from this product.

Additional Thoughts

There are many ways this product could be created in order to achieve the desired result.  One way would be a style similar to a wet nap or sanitizing wipe, but in a large size and slightly more durable.  They could be sold in packs of 2 or 3, and would work great in a sporting goods store or through an online marketplace.

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