A platform to help people who would like to move to another country for an extended period, 2 – 6 months, figure out the logistics of their trip.  For those who want to spend a longer stretch in a different country, this can be a jumping off point for all the resources they will need.

In Practice

When you want to go on an extended vacation, by yourself or with a small group, you can come to this platform to figure out all of the details.  Deciding on different places that you could go through different guides based on the type of trip you are looking for.  The platform can have a checklist to work with them to get all the paper work completed, such as visas and passports.  As well as other features, such as coordinating a place to stay by pulling different resources already available.

Could be a helpful resource for people to plan out what they would like to do while they are in a different country.  Pulling community event calendars (festivals, concerts, ext.), bringing up local attractions, day trip or weekend trip ideas in the area, and other interesting things to do that you can pull into an itinerary or idea guide.

The platform can also be a good resource to help find work for those who would like to support themselves while abroad.  Bringing up local job boards as well as online opportunities that you can work on while away.  As well as looking into the regulations for employment in the country your visiting.

Additional Thoughts

There are many individuals who want to explore a new country for an extended period of time, but don’t know where to start and are intimidated by everything they have to do.  This platform would be a welcomed resource for novice travelers, along with experienced vagabonds, to pull all of the information that is out there into a well organized system.  By helping to keep track of everything in one place, you can begin your travels with confidence.

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