A platform where people can bet on who will have the most success in accomplishing their goal.  Encouraging a community of competition for those who respond positively to this form of accountability.  The financial motivation will help keep people working towards their personal improvement goals.

In Practice

This competitive environment will keep people focused on their goals, and help create habits.  For example; if you want to become a morning person, you might set the goal to wake up at 5am daily.  Without proper incentives and accountability, you might be more likely to hit the snooze alarm and go back to sleep.  With this platform, you would place a wager with a group of people who all have the same goal.  Everyone would put in say $1 a day, or a lump sum at the beginning, and whoever completes the challenge of waking up at 5am the most days in a row wins the pot.

Checks and systems can be developed in the app to help keep people honest.  Such as checking in at 5am for the above challenge and again at 5:02am to make sure you didn’t go back to sleep.  The platform would make money by taking a very small percentage out of each wager.

This format could work for an endless possibility of personal improvement goals.  Such as; write a blog post the most consecutive days, go to the gym at least 3 times a week for the longest stretch, apply to a dream job everyday, and countless other options.  Encouraging a competitive environment will help people accomplish their goals through creative incentives.

Additional Thoughts


As with all of the ideas on this site, please check the legality of them and do your due diligence before proceeding.  This accountability format is what most of us need to ensure we stay active in pursuing our goals.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find someone who can go to the gym on your time or will make sure you wake up in the morning; but with this platform you can have that accountability.

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