A company that helps individuals make space exploration travel plans.  Getting out ahead of the curve, and looking for opportunities down the road where they will be able to get there clients on space exploration trips.  Helping to plan, schedule, finance, and prepare for a trip to space.

In Practice

This company would be a concierge service for those looking to travel into space.  By constantly monitoring the developments in the industry, they will be able to get their clients on waiting lists for upcoming space exploration trips.  As they build a client list of demand, they will also foster a market that companies will look to fill by providing more space exploration opportunities.

An individual who is looking for this unique opportunity would contact the company, who would work with them to get that individual on a waiting list for a space shuttle.  Once an opportunity becomes available, they will help to get their clients on that launch.  As they approach the launch date, the company will help coordinate any necessary training the individual will have to go through for this opportunity.  Assisting with any other details involved with the trip so that their clients can focus on enjoying this priceless experience.

Additional Thoughts

By establishing yourself early in this industry you can form partnerships that will prove vital over the years as the technology and opportunities for space travel increase.  Positioning yourself early and as a luxury brand, for an already expensive service; will allow this company to charge a premium for their services.  Not being tied to any one venture, this company will also be able to ride the wave of opportunities that become available in this industry.

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