Create an accelerated incubator for creating new businesses.  1 week programs that bring together a group of people with the sole purpose of creating a business within a week.  Everyone getting equal ownership of the company, including the incubator.  A diverse group of ambitious people who all provide different skill sets will help allow for increased creativity.  A concentrated and guided mastermind brought together to push themselves to create something right away.

In Practice

The incubator would start off small developing a process to help these groups succeed.   Create a system of ambitious applicants that are chosen to come together and create a business in one week.  Each day would be a focused process to help guide this group through a system of development stages so that they come out of the experience with a business.

Process Overview

From introductions, to brainstorming, testing, and development.  Individuals will bring their unique perspectives and skill sets together in a way that will allow them to maximize all of their abilities.  After breaking the ice through brainstorming activities, the group will begin to narrow down their options to a few concepts.  They will then begin to test and tweak the final concepts until they find a business idea that looks promising.  Once they have this idea together, they will begin developing it into a functioning business.

The incubator would provide support and structure for the group to accomplish this lofty goal in an accelerated manor.  Having access to business consultants, investors, and a legal team can help them fast track some of the difficult stages of a start up.  Building up these businesses into a functioning business by the time the week is over.  The partnership that has been formed would then continue to run the business in a structure that was developed at the end of the week.  With all of the members along with the incubator as board members to help run the organization in the future.

The final businesses will take many different forms depending on each group.  From physical products, consultant firms, web design companies, non profits, to any variety of industry the final outcome takes.  Allowing free flowing creativity and serendipity to create something great.

Growth Strategies

The accelerated incubator can grow in a steady rate.  Bringing in groups once every other month to start up.  As they develop improved processes and partnerships, along with increased demand; they can move it up to once a month.  Following and monitoring growth to weekly if the support structure allows.

Could also become a TV show if the format makes sense.  This would help bring in additional revenue, along with increasing popularity with applicants and final products.

Additional Thoughts

This accelerated incubator format will be a draw for those who have the passion to create something, but lack the supporting network to accomplish something.  Bringing together ambitious people of different backgrounds will help create thought connections that hadn’t existed before.  The higher the business competency of those starting this out, the greater it will take off from the gate.  By encouraging the rapid results, the exponential growth of the company will take off; allowing for even greater investment back into ensuring the success of these businesses.

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