A home renovation company that specializes in adding “smart” home improvements, that help optimize the homes efficiency and functionality.  With the ever increasing array of smart products out on the market, a renovation company that capitalizes on this as their niche will have a big advantage.  Through increased efficiency, this company would be one of the few renovation companies that can pay for itself through reduced utility expenses.

In Practice

This company would work with their clients to design a “smart” home that would optimize their lives.  Allowing the utilities to run at rates that will lower costs, and increasing the functionality of the home.

The technologies available would also allow daily life to improve as well.  From waking up in the morning to your alarm lightly ringing, while the blackout curtains slowly begin to rise to let the sunlight begin brightening up your house.  Coffee being made as you are beginning your morning routine.  The TV or radio begins to play as you come downstairs with your favorite program on.

These functions from your smart home renovations will allow clients to breeze through there day with decreased stress, and increased joy and simplicity.  Putting reoccurring tasks on autopilot so that you can focus on the important things in life.

Additional Thoughts

The technologies that make our lives easier only continue to increase.  This company will be able to take advantage of the trends that are out there and utilize them to improve their clients lives.  Instead of a long list of DIY projects to get to this stage themselves, clients can outsource this entire project to this company to come in and set everything up for them.

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