A platform that allows you to connect with a successful mentor for a lunch meeting.  It will allow you to set up a lunch meeting with professors, business professionals, and other people who you don’t know directly.  At these lunch meetings you will be able to gain advice and an introduction to successful individuals you might otherwise never be able to meet.

In Practice

Successful people from varies industries and fields can sign up for the app, or invites can be sent for those who individuals would like to reach out to.  The “mentors” would get a free lunch and an interesting conversation out of the encounter.  Along with the feeling of helping out ambitious people who are looking for advice.

Individuals would be able to use the platform to set up a lunch meeting with those who can help them reach their personal goals.  A young sales professional might want to reach out to someone who has had success in the sales profession for years.  Over the course of the lunch they can discuss the industry and allow the young sales professional to gain insights on what he will need to do in order to achieve the same level of success.

The variety of industries and people that could benefit from this platform are endless.  The relaxed lunch setting, along with time constraints will help keep the conversation informal without wasting any time.  These mentors will be able to pass on advice that they have learned through years of experience, along with the potential to widen their network.  Those looking for advise will get valuable insights they would not have access to otherwise for the cost of a lunch.

Additional Thoughts

This has the power to encourage greater community networking and really impact lives.  Something most of us do everyday (eat lunch) can be used for good.

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