Hop in a loaded and ready pick up truck, and head out on an adventure.  A company based primarily in cities that rents out pick up trucks, that come stocked with supplies, for people to take on a planned adventure.  You can chose different packages and customize your plans on the website/app to create the perfect getaway.

In Practice

Someone (families, friends, couples) rent a pick up truck for a few days that is pre-loaded with all of the gear they will need for an adventure.  The navigation in the vehicle is already set with your destination (national park, white water rafting, ext.) when customer arrives.  Coolers are stocked with food and drinks.  Kayak, canoe, hiking equipment, tent, bug spray, and other gear are all loaded and ready to go.

All the client has to do is order a preset package (or customized) for an adventure of their choosing off their phone or computer.  Everything is then assembled and ready to go once the client arrives, so they can hit the road without any headache at all.  This company allows people to go on adventures outside of their normal experiences.  Encouraging people to get outside, see the world, and connect with nature.

Additional Thoughts


This company provides a valuable resource for those who don’t have regular access to outdoor adventures.  By showing preset packages, it can help inspire people to learn about adventures they didn’t know where possible.  The savings on all the equipment often required for these types of trips, along with the convenience of having everything ready; will simplify the experience so that customers will want to do this again and again.

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