A company that buys miscellaneous wedding items after a wedding and resells them.  Items that are otherwise going to be discarded such as chalkboards, decorations, bridesmaid dresses, ext; can be sold in bulk for a little extra wedding cash to the bride and groom.  These items than build up an inventory to be resold to for a profit to new couples to use at their own wedding.  By helping to keep the costs down versus buying all of these items new, they will help create lower cost weddings.

In Practice

The company would take advantage of wedding supplies available at very cheap prices since these items aren’t going to be reused anyway.  Through advertisements on popular wedding websites and magazines, they will provide an option for couples to sell these items they no longer have a need for.  This would allow them to build up inventory to sell or rent to new couples who can pick and choose through the large inventory of options available to them.

Weddings are super expensive, so anywhere to find a discount will be appreciated by the couple.  The company can also advertise as “green” since you are recycling otherwise wasted items.  Using the “green” approach will help balance the image of “used” items, allowing the company to take advantage of a wider audience.

Additional Thoughts

This concept takes advantage of a simple economic principle; buy low and sell high.  By salvaging the items that are not going to be saved from the wedding, you are providing a much needed service.  For the couple selling the items, you are allowing them to make a little bit of money without much stress since they can sell all of the items at once.  For the couples buying the items, you are helping them find these items for less than they could new.  Also, buy later buying those same items back at a lower rate; you can continue this cycle without having to worry about replenishing inventory too often.

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