A company who can help individuals or teams get small scale sponsorship’s from companies looking to advertise.  Companies are able to advertise in a targeted market for a low cost.  Individuals are able to gain a little extra cash for themselves or for an organization they are supporting.  Could get a sponsorship (sticker) to put on your car, and get paid a small price to drive around like you normally would.

In Practice

Companies can set prices that individuals bid on, and vise versa; where individuals set prices that companies bid on.  A company might put out an offer; looking for someone to wear a “Fitness Company ABC” t-shirt to 3 different 5K races in the next 2 months.  They would then list a price they are willing to pay.  Individuals would than be able to click on that offer if its available, and get paid once they complete what they said they would.

Individuals can also list the options they would be willing to do for sponsorship opportunities.  Such as saying they are looking for a sponsor to advertise on the side of their car, which they drive around Town X multiple times a day while driving kids to various activities.

This small scale advertising would have checks and balances in place to monitor that both sides hold up their end of the agreement.  This company would act as a platform where both sides could come together to find mutually beneficial opportunities.

Additional Thoughts

This company could grow and evolve as people get a track record of being “higher influencers” with a history of providing financial boosts to the sponsors they have represented before.  As more information becomes available, the companies will be able to gain access to a more direct target market that they know will be at events where their potential customers are already at.

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