A support service for general (non specific product or company) technical issues.  People can call or email a central support network that will help walk individuals through various technical and IT issues they might be having.   From setting up a new cell phone, to uploading a photo album, setting up a printer, or any of the various technical issues people come across everyday.  Rather than connect through each companies labyrinth of levels to talk to someone, a direct number to a person who can help you.

In Practice

A one stop shop for all technical questions.  People can program this number into their phones to always have a consistent source to help them out with any issues or questions they might have.  Instead of calling grandchildren to help out, there is a direct human resource to talk to that can help walk you through issues that an individual might have trouble with.

The company could either be a subscription service or a pay per call service in order to make money off their efforts.  There are a lot of people out there who get frustrated trying to get different tech gadgets set up.  Having this backup resource available will help ease a lot of peoples tension with the ever evolving technological advances.

Additional Thoughts

It can start up by people who can fix/look up the solution to most of the basic technical questions and advance with their ability.  Perfect for anyone who always gets calls from friends and family members anytime there is a technical question.  A way to leverage this skill set into a business.

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