A platform that connects ambitious entrepreneurs together in order to maximize their combined skill sets.  Similar to a dating site for business partnerships, it connects people who have compatible personalities and skills for business partnership success.  Clients would complete a survey of information about themselves, as well as set up a profile.  They would then be given “recommended” connections that they can begin to talk, brainstorm ideas with, and see if they would be able to work together.

In Practice

An individual who is ambitious and passionate about entrepreneurship would sign up on this platform.  A detailed questionnaire would be filled out to learn more about the individuals skill set, level of expertise and experience, and personality type.  This application process would also weed out those who aren’t determined enough to spend the little bit of up front time to fill out this information.  Along with the questionnaire, a profile would be created for each individual.

The platform would then recommend people for you to connect with who have complimentary skills.  You would than be able to talk with people, brainstorm ideas, and see if they would be someone you would want to work with.  It is a way to connect people who most likely would never have met.  By finding someone with complimentary skills, someone with excellent programming skills could be connected with a finance and sales expert, and they can discuss ways they would be able to help each other succeed.

Additional Thoughts

It is all about creating new connections for ambitious people who are striving to succeed.  This platform would help create serendipity along with the clash of varying backgrounds.  There can also be different levels of membership for those who are looking to form higher level connections.  Bringing people together in a collaborative format would help lead to a lot of creativity.

  • Business Ideas for the Ambitious Entrepreneur