A company that specializes in 3D printing medical tools, specifically for use in developing countries and remote regions.  Allowing for greatly reduced costs of certain equipment, since rare and specific equipment would not need to be purchased in advance and kept on hand.  By getting these 3D printing machines into these medical centers, they would allow specialized equipment to be created for them on demand if a situation arises.

In Practice

These 3D printing machines specific for the medical industry would be sold to medical centers, along with the materials.  Once they have these, areas usually outside of easy access would be able to get the equipment they need without having to wait and pay for them to be shipped to their location.  These medical centers would be able to make prosthetic on demand for those in need.

This technology could also be used to build the frames for other basic instruments, along with instructions on putting the rest together.  Especially in areas outside of the US with less regulations and expenses to pass standards, where it would still be an upgrade over what they currently have.  By looking to reduce the cost of medical equipment, better care and service can be provided for people around the globe.

This technology could also be used to help schools, especially medical programs, learn about specific issues they might otherwise have difficulty visualizing.  This could also help specialized experts explain procedures to groups in different physical locations, by allowing them to see first hand.  Which would allow for more immediate responses to issues where specialized doctors are not available.

Additional Thoughts

The growth potential for 3D printing technology is endless.  There is so much impact that could be created from simplifying and evolving one of the most expensive industries in the world.  Specialized attention can be spread to those who need it, wherever they are.  The evolution of this technology can even more radically change and improve the medical profession, maybe even allowing a day where we can have 3D printed organs ready on demand.  Some of these concepts are far fetched, but the impact they could have make it worth pursuing.

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