A company that announces and releases patents as they expire, for companies and entrepreneurs.  As a subscription service, this company would let people know the day a patent is no longer protected so that other companies could act quickly in utilizing these ideas for capital gain.

In Practice

The company would provide the information via a subscription based website, or other news delivery system.  A customer would sign up for the ability to access this information.  There would be an article released as each patent becomes available, along with the records from the patent that was filed.  Customers would be able to view the information to potentially use in there businesses, as well as new business ventures.

A data base would begin to develop with the previously released patents, as well as a list of upcoming patents that will be available.  This way customers can go through previous information at any point.  As well as sign up for alerts on upcoming patents so that they receive immediate notification as those become available.

Additional Thoughts

This company could charge a premium if they go above and beyond with their services, catering towards businesses.  They would also be able to offer lower prices for simpler options as well.  By giving multiple tiers of pricing, they would be able to attract smaller entrepreneurs up to larger corporations.  There are eager individuals who are always looking for an edge, that would find extensive use for this service.

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