A landscaping company that designs gardens & landscapes with the intention to be simple, aesthetically pleasing, and functional; while requiring the absolute minimum amount of maintenance and upkeep.  Having a yard and a garden is a beautiful thing, but the stress, time, and clutter they can create for those without a green thumb can ruin that beauty.  By setting their clients up to succeed, a minimalist landscape design company can provide an enormous benefit.

In Practice

This company will specialize in providing their customers with the most stress free landscaping designs, through increasing the ease of care.  Each client can customize a solution that fits their space and needs.

The landscape designs will highlight, clean open spaces for functional use.  That also make the areas easy and quick to mow when the grass gets longer.  They will also add perennial plants that come back every year and won’t need to be replanted each spring.  An emphasis on easy to care for plants will also be implemented in their designs.

By using this company, clients will save money on the long term care and replacement of their plants.  As well as the added time and effort for the upkeep.  This will keep their lawn and garden looking beautiful without the added difficulty and stress.

Additional Thoughts

The beauty of a well landscaped lawn and garden can give you a feeling of warmth and comfort.  However the stress to keep it in that condition is not a strength or joy for many people.  By elevating the biggest headaches for their clients, the minimalist landscape design company will be an unbelievable benefit.

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