Here is a recap of the Aim Big Ideas from the month of September:

  1. Automated Finance Consultant
  2. Food Truck Franchise / Business Training
  3. Home Gym Personal Trainer
  4. Talk ____ To Me! Language Learning
  5. Smartphone External Hard Drive
  6. Sales Mercenary Squad
  7. 1 Week Personal Development Camp For Kids
  8. Big Data for Small Biz
  9. Digital Golf Club
  10. Tough Talk Outsourcing
  11. Personal Brand Management
  12. On the go Shower Towel
  13. Private Label Brewery
  14. Extended Vacation Consultant
  15. Personal Improvement Wagering
  16. Private Space Exploration Travel Agency
  17. Rapidly Accelerated Business Incubator
  18. “Smart” Home Renovations
  19. Lunch Meeting Mentor for a Day
  20. Adventure in a Truck
  21. Wedding Supply Recycling
  22. Get Sponsored
  23. General Tech Support Network
  24. Business Partnership Connection Platform
  25. 3D Printing Medical Tools for Developing Countries
  26. Patent Protection Expiration Site
  27. Minimalist Landscape Design Company
  28. “Smart” Seasonal Decorations
  • Business Ideas for the Ambitious Entrepreneur