A company that specializes in selling “smart” seasonal decorations that can be used for all of the seasons.  Taking advantage of the technology that is out there, a company can focus on selling decorations that can be changed through an app for the appropriate season.  Eliminating the need to put up and take down decorations for each season, along with the storage space they sit in for most of the year.

In Practice

Decorations can be set up, and changed through a phone app or website for each season.  Customers can buy items from this company that will be applicable all year.  Door hangers, pictures, light projections on the house, ext. can be set up once and adjusted to always be appropriate.

Customers will be able to customize the decorations through the app to allow for their individual style to shine.  Expanding options of displays and images will help provide endless options for each season, that let the individuals personalities shine.  This will help save people tons of money through all of the various decorations they won’t have to invest in.  As well as the huge amount of time and frustration that can be avoided.

Additional Thoughts

Taking advantage of technology can help make people’s life easier, during what can otherwise spiral into stressful times of the year around the holidays.  Simplifying the decorating process for our busy lives will allow customers to enjoy each season to the fullest.

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