A platform specifically dedicated to reselling old exercise equipment that never gets used anymore.  Everyone goes through stretches of fitness that they are committed to early on, but fades quickly.  The ever evolving fitness equipment continues to accumulate, but after the initial excitement, seldom gets used.  This website/app allows for those who got caught up in a fitness craze, to get some money back on the equipment they bought.  While also allowing those who are looking to add some fitness to their lives, to do it in a more affordable way.

In Practice

If you are looking to exercise more, but quickly realize the expenses involved in purchasing new exercise equipment; you can come to this platform to find more affordable equipment.  For example, you want a treadmill so that you can get a run in everyday before work.  Instead of spending the whole cost for new equipment, you can purchase a used model to ensure that you don’t waste too much money.

For those who are looking for a little extra cash, they can sell their old exercise equipment that they never use anymore.  It will help people de-clutter and get a little money back that they put out towards the equipment.  Those who purchase from the platform can also sell back the equipment to them which also helps keep inventory in circulation.

Additional Thoughts

There are a lot of resale markets out there to purchase exercise equipment, along with thousands of other products.  By focusing on a specific niche, this company will be able to carve out a space as a trusted resource in this field.  There are different ways this concept can be implemented; from peer to peer sales to a centralized retailer that refurbishes and resells all equipment themselves.

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