An apartment complex design that utilizes the most out of small spaces to provide tiny apartments, with big functionality.  Similar to the tiny houses that have become a big trend across the country, but for apartment living.  These micro apartments would be economically priced, but with the features maximized in order to allow for greater living optimization.

Micro apartments would be lifestyle centered living areas for minimalists, travelers/vagabonds, economically savvy individuals, and those who are looking for a different way of living.

In Practice

Theses “tiny house” style apartment complexes would be created from pods of standard sizes, while still being unique on the inside.  The best part is… these apartment complexes can be set up around different cities.  So if someone wanted to move to a different city, the whole pod could be removed and shipped to the new city.  Allowing for an easy transition to live in different cities, or to slowly see the world without having to find a new place every time you leave a city.

Designed to optimize the living and functionality for each square foot, they would be more than enough space for an individual or a small family.  Customization can help allow people to make these micro apartments their own.  With styles that range from simple and open, to detailed with the latest technological advances easing their life.

Additional Thoughts

This trend is growing for a number of reasons; from economic concerns to changing values.  These micro apartment complexes would allow this system to be brought into a more densely populated area, where there would be a bigger need and a larger market.  I feel that many people who are interested in this style of freedom would also enjoy the cultural advantages of city living.

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