A 1 year post graduation personal development school that prepares students for the challenges of life outside of strictly academic situations.  How to learn, grow, and achieve happiness.  There is a wide gap between the skills that kids learn in school and the actual skills they need to succeed in the real world.  This program would help set these individuals up for success throughout the rest of their lives.

In Practice

This school would teach personal development and life lessons that help individuals grow outside of the classroom.  Helping them understand the driving factors that help create success.  From learning how to develop positive habits; physically, mentally, financially.  To growing communication skills that allow them to present themselves in a more positive manor.

There is a large information and skills gab between those who achieve success in life and those who do not.  A large portion of those skills are learned outside of the classroom.  The goal of this program would be to take those skills and bring them into a condensed format to help these individuals fast track their learning curve and create rapid success in their lives.

Graduates from this program would be better prepared for all of life’s challenges.  They would be more confident and have a greater skill set to approach the world with.  These improved skills would allow them to achieve greater success in any endeavor they approach.

Additional Thoughts

This “School of Hard Knocks” would help focus the abilities of individuals who might never receive this kind of guidance.  By helping these students gain focus and clarity, they will be able to skip a lot of wasted time and confusion that would set tends to set people back in life.  The benefits of such training go beyond career advancement, which would certainly benefit from this program, and really make a positive difference on who these individuals become.

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