A company that makes custom drone attachments so that different industries can remotely deliver their products with this technology.  Capture an early advantage in the growing discussion of drone deliveries by becoming a supplier for the big companies looking to expand the use of this technology.

In Practice

This company would create the attachments to a drone that allow them to transport different products.  Figure out the weight and support structure needed for each item.  How to store, organize, and deliver multiple items throughout an area.  Along with the many other details to help maximize the ability to deliver some of the most popular online purchases.

These attachments could be sold to the big delivery networks in place, large or small stores looking to expand their online business, or to drone manufacturers to include as a standard option in their products.

Additional Thoughts

Since the online shopping market is crowded, this business would be able to support that industry without having to compete directly.  Especially if patents are registered early for the various designs that allow for the delivery to take place.

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