Website or platform geared towards helping young adults learn the life lessons they’ve missed.  Such as cleaning habits, changing air filters, taxes, filling out forms, organizing mail, and other miscellaneous activities you should know that many adults simply don’t.  This service would help create a community specifically geared towards catching millennials up on the skills they need to be functioning members of society.

In Practice

Create an organized content library that gives you daily lessons that teach you valuable life skills.  Items are voted up based on importance so that those new to the site can easily find the most valuable content.  There would be content that teaches you the lessons on what you need to know.  Along with discussions around each topic to help further drill down on the material.

This is a valuable service to help develop the skills of young adults.  It needs to be done in a way that draws people in to the site, and keeps them engaged.  Creating a social aspect to this site will help increase the focus of attention.

Additional Thoughts

There is a large skills gap between where young adults are and where they need to be to get along more efficiently.  Something needs to be done to help walk people through the skills that they did not learn while growing up.  This community would help develop those skills and that interest.  It can evolve into more of a social content platform that can allow a wider base of knowledge to be pulled from.

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