A company that sells air (oxygen masks) for everyone to use in daily life for improved health.  Oxygen is obviously crucial, and giving people the option for good clean concentrated oxygen can have many benefits.  Including reducing stress and increasing energy levels through the masks.  They have also been known to reduce the impact of hangovers and headaches.  If the price of storing and delivering oxygen can be reduced, this has the opportunity to become the next bottled water.

In Practice

This company would sell oxygen as a commodity, through various stores and shopping centers.  By selling people on the value and need for good clean and concentrated oxygen, many people would want to give this a try.  Customers could pick up an individual bottle and mask, or sell in 6 – 24 packs for those who would use the oxygen masks on a regular basis.

The market for this product would vary greatly.  From the health conscience who are looking for every way they can improve their overall fitness; as well as heavy training and recovery.  To the drinking crowd that is looking for a hangover cure after a long night out.  There is a wide ranging market that could see the benefits of this product.

The keys to the success of this product will be getting the price down, packaging, and marketing.  It is critical to have this offered at a reasonable price in order to build a customer base that consistently uses this product.  The packaging is key to highlight the benefits and come across to the consumer as a health enhancing product.  Finally, and most importantly is a successful marketing campaign that highlights the benefits of this product.

Additional Thoughts

This is one of those concepts that could be incredibly successful or an instant flop depending on how it is executed.  Market research will be key in indicating the best ways to introduce this product with a polished approach.  When it comes to health, there is very little limits on what people will pay.  Through proving the benefits of this product, it could be a staple consumer item.

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