A company that utilizes virtual reality technology to teach to a large audience life skills that usually require hand on experience and expensive equipment.  Such as cooking, car repair, medical school operating practice.  This technology could help greatly reduce the cost of training, while allowing for a wider spread of information and ability.  Bringing people together to learn a skill that you would normally have to be there in person to learn.

In Practice

A platform would be developed to allow different classes and training programs to be created.  A student would virtually go through the process of fixing a car, with the teacher able to watch and help them out along the way.  The whole process  would take place virtually, but the skills on how to fix a car would be able to be transferred to real life.

This would work across a variety of industries and interests.  From beginners cooking classes that teach students the basics without fear of cutting or burning themselves.  To medical students learning how to perform heart operations.  This allows students the opportunity to see how the process works first hand in a controlled setting.

The concept can even be expanded further to show skilled professionals what they will need to know for more specialized equipment.  By showing individuals an example of how to tackle the more complex issues they don’t see on a regular basis, it will allow them to gain experience with the different process.  This could also help greatly reduce the cost and time for training new employees, allowing them to practice as many times as necessary to figure out the task.

Additional Thoughts

This technology can be used for so much, beyond enhancing video games or television.  By utilizing this in a more educational way, it can help expedite the spread of information.  It could also help increase the speed of learning and expertise by increasing the amount of practice students can have in situations that would otherwise be too expensive or risky.

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