A cable/internet company that only require you to pay for the time you spend using them.  Unlike the high stress high cost world of the cable companies today, a system that only charges you for the time you actually use their product would be a highly exciting service.  It would also have the added societal benefit of encouraging people not to spend time ideally watching TV or surfing the internet.  Forcing people to be more intentional about their time and more focused in the moment.

In Practice

This company would charge for the data/TV time that you actually use.  Allowing people to have more control and flexibility over their television experience.  It would also help encourage people to stop mindlessly watching TV every night when they get home.  Since you are being charged for the amount you use the TV, individuals might be more likely to take up another activity when they get home instead of plopping down in front of the TV as soon as they get home.

This company would have a huge draw to the alternative options where you have such limited control over the options available.  The model could be tested in small local markets, and expanded as the concept is adopted.

Additional Thoughts

There are so many people who are unhappy with their current cable services.  By providing an alternative option, this service will attract many new users.  With evolving lifestyles in today’s society, this format would find a wide ranging audience.

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