A prefabrication (lego style) sustainable construction company that helps provide materials to build new homes in developing areas. Creating simple designs and parts that allow anyone to build a home with available materials and construction systems.  The building material would be created through recycled material, and formed into standardized material.  This company could either exist through making the equipment, or making the materials that would be used.

In Practice

Recycled materials would be brought to this company, and re-purposed into the building blocks used for the construction.  With basic designs readily available; individuals or companies would be able to build low cost structures that can provide shelter for those in need.  Selling the standard size, lego like building materials would make it easier to create, ship, and assemble these structures.  Greatly reducing the costs to provide stable shelters in areas that need them the most.

Opportunities exist in the building of the machines that could then be sold for others to use, or by selling the building blocks that are produced.  These machines can be put in areas that can utilize the construction materials most.  Non profit organizations can work to build shelter for those in need.

Additional Thoughts

Being able to recycle waste, and turn that into shelter is an amazing gift.  This concept can be used in countless ways to help those in need.  There is also a financial incentive to help spread this technology to areas that need them the most, allowing their economy to benefit as well.

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