Structured systems to learn from top people in different industries.  No cost (no or little pay) opportunities to shadow successful people for a given period of time.  Not just for college students, but for those who want to learn the ins and outs of a particular industry.  Directly assist and learn from restaurateurs, venture capitalists, brand ambassadors, and other high end positions people usually wouldn’t have access to learning from.  Instead of schooling, or in addition to, allow individuals to gain first hand experience learning from those who are already top performers.

In Practice

The apprenticeship system used to be the primary way individuals would learn to master a craft.  By bringing back aspects of this system, we will allow individuals the opportunity to learn first hand from those who have already conquered a given industry.  Through shadowing and assisting these individuals, the apprentice can learn valuable life skills.  The daily tasks they perform, along with subtle work habits and observations that would normally not be passed along.

The structured systems would be based off this centralized company, that would take applicants and match them with professionals who could use the help of an apprentice.  This format allows for a greater feel for what the position consists of.  Allowing the apprentice to gain practical skills that they can use to advance their careers more rapidly.  Those teaching the apprentice would gain valuable help in the short term, as well as build relationships that could prove important in the future.

Additional Thoughts

This system of learning lead to some of the greatest achievements in history and needs to be brought back for those who truly want to learn how to become great.  There are some things that can only be noticed if you are there to witness the subtleties that make someone successful.  This is a way to help people transition into careers they don’t already have experience in, and get first hand learning.

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