A company that helps customize an income structure for people based on how they are currently living their life.  Utilizing the sharing economy structure to help people earn a living through existing platforms that fit into their day to day life.  This platform would centralize the different income producing systems that are out their so that revenue can be gained in a more holistic and planned system.

In Practice

An individual would enter information about them and what they already have; and a plan that you can adjust to your liking comes up with how to optimize your income based on your goals and available resources.  For example

  • Sublet an extra room in your house, via AirBnB
  • Drive for 2 hours a day (during peak times), via Uber or Lyft
  • Dog Sit, via Rover
  • Cook an extra serving or two for dinner that gets picked up by others
  • Rent out a section of your wardrobe you don’t use anymore, via online sites

Taking all of the sharing economy platforms that are out there and organizing them into 1 easy to use site, that allows people to leverage their life for maximum earning potential.  Helping people escape 9-5 jobs, and take control of their financial situation by becoming their own boss.

This platform would allow their customers to structure their own life the make money without sacrificing what is important to them.  There could be toggle switches that allow you to see estimated earnings based on the time and effort you want to put into different revenue sources.  This would allow people to see what their estimated yearly income could be if they structured their lives in slightly different ways.

People could use this site as their sole income, or as supplementary revenue.  It is also a way for people who aren’t very familiar with all of the options available, to begin dipping their toes in the waters of the sharing economy.  The wide range of people who are interesting in making some additional money allow the potential for this site to be huge.

College students looking to make money on the side could find ways to bring in a little extra spending money.  Someone who does seasonal work could find ways to support themselves in the off season.  Stay at home moms could find additional income streams to support their families.  Full time employees could find the least intrusive ways to add extra cash.  Along with individuals who are just tired of their jobs and want to take complete control of their financial future.

Additional Thoughts

The sharing economy platforms that exist currently have been received with tremendous success, and only continue to grow.  As more and more revenue producing systems become available in this format, the potential for this business continues to grow.  There is so much potential available by structuring all the options people have to gain additional income in a simple format.  This business can really open peoples eyes to entirely new possibilities and lifestyles.

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