Family and friends contact management system broken down by GPS addresses, which allow you to plan out long road trips in a way that you can save the most money by only staying with friends and family.  A system to keep track of your network so that you can travel/see the world without having to break the bank.  Perfect for young adults and families who want to travel, but don’t have the money to stay at hotels everywhere they go.

In Practice

An individual can use this platform to plan out a course for a road trip.  College students for example can plan a week long trip to take during spring break that would save them money on lodging.  Families could plan out summer vacation trips while the kids are home from school.  It is a creative way to connect with people you don’t get to see very often, while also getting to explore outside of your usual life.

The system would plan out a road trip path for you based on your goals and network.  You can plan a tentative route, that can be adjusted as you confirm that you are able to stay at each location.  For areas where you don’t have places to stay, the site can recommend alternate low cost lodging.

Additional Thoughts


This platform would be a great way to arrange your contact system, even when you are not traveling.  Since it will keep all of your close networks information listed in one place, you can use this information for Holiday cards, Wedding invites, or anytime you need a list of your friends and families addresses.  The system is perfect for those who love to travel and are always looking to stretch their dollar further.  The platform will allow you to travel the world as far as your network will take you.

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