A company that helps build walking tracks on the roof of office buildings to encourage a healthy lifestyle for their employees.  The benefits of moderate exercise have been proven over and over again.  By adding an element to the office to encourage a little movement and exercise, companies can get a more engaged workforce.  The benefits of walking meetings and fresh air to a company can provide a huge bump in employee morale.  Rather than being stuck under florescent lighting all day, this employee benefit will allow employees to recharge with a little fresh air and sunlight throughout the day.

In Practice

This construction company would come in and convert the roof of an office building into a walking track, or add a walking path in the area.  It will keep employees on site, while still allowing them to move more throughout the day.  The concept could really take off with by in from insurance companies that might consider footing the bill for some of this construction, making it an even more economically savvy decision for businesses.  With an increase in exercise, it will help lower insurance costs in a simple and practical way.

Walking meetings have been shown to increase energy; improve thinking, creativity, and problem solving.  By adding this outdoor walking track, while still keeping it on the premises, there could be huge business benefits for the clients.  This company would provide custom solutions to fit the needs, space, budget, and structural concerns of each individual location.

Additional Thoughts

Companies are continuing to look for new ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle for their employees and employee engagement.  This concept will absolutely hit the mark for accomplishing those goals.  Additional growth could come from other low cost ways to improve fitness in office complexes, in a non disruptive way.  Many new facilities already have these features, but existing structures need something to help boost their office appeal for their staff and potential employees.

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