A company that helps make biographies by request for family members, friends, or yourself.  This company would take the life story of someone who isn’t particularly famous, and immortalize them in a book.  It could be a loving gesture towards a parent who has meant a lot to you, a local legend who was part of a towns fabric, or anyone you admire.  By hiring this company, you can make sure their lives are written out for the world to see.

In Practice

A customer who wants to honor someone in an unorthodox way would work with this company to create a biography that captures the life and impact of that individual.  Information would be provided by the client, along with other contacts to follow up with.  The company would then do some research to learn more about this individual.  That information, stories, and research would help the company put together a personalized biography.

The length and detail of the books would vary based on price packages.  There could be shorter books that cover their life without going too deep in any particular area.  Books that cover a broader background of the individual.  As well as, ones that go into very deep detail on the subject, their history, life stories, and a deeper dive into the impact that they had on the world.

Individuals may want to capture their own life as it is happening as well, starting a multi volume selection of their lives.  The fear of death is strong, and we all want to know that we left a mark on the world.  This would allow the individuals story to evolve as well; from the antics of their youth, struggles of adulthood, and wisdom of age.  Clients might even choose to hire the company while they are alive to write the biography after they pass away, in order to put their mark on the world.

The company would have a narrow focus on this niche, and through experience be able to efficiently create these biographies.  They will be able to systematize the research, interview, and formatting process; allowing them to become more cost effective.  As demand increases, the staff can grow to include those who specialize in certain areas of the process.

The company and their client can share in any profits generated from the book as well, as family members and friends purchase the biography.  Encouraging the client to promote the book as much as possible and increase the potential revenue available.

Additional Thoughts

This company would play into some of our basic human desires and fears.  Allowing us to create a legacy that will survive our time on this planet.  From gifts to loved ones, or for our own vanity; there is a large potential market available for this service.  By having an upfront cost that covers expenses, along with the revenue from the book sales; this company should be able to consistently generate profits as they expand.

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