Household size recycling system that compacts plastic for you to re-purpose or recycle with less environmental impact.  The compacted plastic could also be combined as the raw materials for a 3D printing machine to make useful materials.  Allowing designs from outside software convert the plastic into varies objects.  This system will both be environmentally friendly, while also adding functionality.

In Practice

These systems would be sold as a household commodity.  The plastic compactor would be connected to a 3D printing system to allow for the re-purposing of the plastic.  The system would have connections to the internet so that new and practical items can be designed.  Allowing for an open platform of designs, there would be no limited to what could be created from the recycled material.

The 3D printing system could come standard, or be sold as an additional attachment.  For those looking to simply reduce their environmental footprint, they would be able to use the compactor to limit the space and difficulty it would take to recycle these products.  The 3D printing option would allow for crowd-sourced ideas to take hold of the possibilities and allow for greater creativity.

Additional Thoughts

It is getting easier and easier to bring increased technology into the house.  By adding this feature to standard household items, the company would help contribute to an untold increase in recycling.  This is a very large market with outstanding possibilities available.  A key feature would be the design, functionality, and manufacturing of the product to help make this item a standard fixture.

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