A system for municipalities that allows for sections of road to be claimed by individuals or businesses to plow.  By spreading out the work, the township will be able to cover a wider area quickly and efficiently.  Through spreading out the labor to people who live in the community, the townships can get more accomplished with less employees and less equipment.

In Practice

People who live in a township with this system can sign up for available sections of road when a snow storm hits.  The individuals signing up would have to prove they already have a vehicle capable of plowing the snow off the roads and additional information for liability sake.  The township would put out areas that they won’t be able to get to right away, and individuals would sign up to cover those sections.  After completely plowing the sections of road that they were responsible for, the individual would get paid for their services through the platform.

People who live in the areas getting plowed can leave reviews and ratings for how well their streets were plowed so that a ranking system gets created for the individuals doing the plowing.  This way, those who did a better job will be more likely to get the job they sign up for in the future.

This company would get paid through monitoring and updating the platform for government use.  They could also set up the system so that the company gets a percentage of all payments made via the site.

Additional Thoughts

Although this idea doesn’t impact many areas in the world, there are still a lot of places that have to deal with snowstorms regularly throughout the winter.  It is hard to accurately plan for these storms.  This system would help spread the available labor out in order to get the roads cleared out in a quick and efficient manor.

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