A consulting company that helps optimize independent companies partnerships so that projects can flow through different organizations effectively.  Connecting non competing independent businesses who have complementary skills throughout the development process.  This consulting company can be hired to manage projects for you throughout the entire process.

In Practice

A client would hiring this company to manage a project they need throughout different stages of development.  For example, the company needs glass bottles, custom labels, and fulfillment center.  This company would go out and find all of these companies for you, coordinate their efforts, and monitor the process throughout the different stages.  If you already have companies you are working with, the company would be able to monitor the process and product transfers between stages.

This service would allow company to focus on sales without having to monitor the operations.  Giving some businesses the opportunities to function without ever taking control over the products.  This consulting company would help develop systems that allow for product development and fulfillment throughout different independent organizations.

This company could also spend time looking to form partnerships among existing companies whose services already compliment each other.  By working as a middleman between companies who are linked in the many processes, they will be able to go out and find new customers.  Such as finding a real estate investment company and connecting them with a property management company.  Allowing for the businesses to form a partnership that is mutually beneficial.

Additional Thoughts

In today’s marketplace, being able to move projects through different specialized companies is critical.  Outsourcing this monitoring to an effective consultant will help keep business on track towards growing their companies.  This is a particularly useful service for smaller niche companies that can operate with as little expenses as possible.

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