A platform that connects ambitious people to  form an accountability network for your stated goals.  Allows you to connect with people who have similar ambitions that will follow up with you to make sure you are doing what you said you would.  Rather than trying to accomplish goals and create new habits on our own, this platform will help you build a community of people who can help you succeed.

In Practice

One of the hardest parts of creating a new habit is simply getting yourself to do it consistently enough.  It is proven that having a system of accountability helps keep people on track towards their goals.  This network would create that sense of accountability by having people who are checking on you to make sure you are doing the things you said you would.

Simply knowing you will have to explain yourself to someone for anything you didn’t accomplish is a motivating factor.  Combining that encouragement, along with connecting you to people who have similar goals will help increase your chances of success.  Since people tend to adapt to the network they are around, being able to connect with those who are working towards the same goals will keep you on track.  By connecting with people outside of your immediate group of friends or your family, it can allow you to be more open about your ambitions without fear of what they might say.

Additional Thoughts

It is always a challenge to develop a new habit.  Increasing systems that allow people to accomplish their goals in life is a valuable service.  This platform can evolve to add more support services towards goal setting and habit forming as it evolves as well.

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