A company that optimizes and updates commercials for compatibility in the DVR age.  With so many people who DVR their shows and watch them later; a company that can update the advertisements to match the time when the show is actually being watched would be extremely valuable.  By adjusting the commercials to the time period they are actually being watched, this service can help direct more effective advertising.

In Practice

Many people see commercials for events that have already passed.  This service would help update those commercials to new events or promotions that aren’t as outdated.  Adding this adjustment will allow advertisers to stay current with new viewer habits.  Eliminating wasted advertisements and increasing the usefulness of their programming.

As an added service, they can work on finding out which slots are not fast forwarded as often.  Helping to figure out where the premium advertising slots are within the commercial.  Also, helping optimize commercials to still provide some value even when they are being fast forwarded through.  Helping companies express brief ideas that connects with the consumer or interests them enough to stop fast forwarding and continue watching the commercial.

Additional Thoughts

As viewer habits change, advertisements will have to adjust to the new styles.  Television is notoriously slow for adapting, and could greatly benefit from this service.  This company would help provide a micro focus within the current systems.  It could be extremely popular, especially working behind the scenes with cable and advertising companies.

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