A job placement agency that helps teachers get additional part time work when they are off, or as a supplementary income.  This company would help take advantage of a valuable labor force that has idle time during stretches of the year, by partnering their skill sets with businesses who could use their service.  Matching the talents of teachers with part time jobs will allow them to gain additional income, while still being a bargain for the companies hiring them.

In Practice

This company would partner be a resource businesses could go to with help on projects throughout the year, as well as seasonal work.  Rather then going through an average temp agency, they would be guaranteed a highly skilled professional who is already successful in the workforce.  By matching the skills of the teachers with needed services, a perfect fit would exist.

For example, a Grammar teacher could provide part time work throughout the year or full time work during the summer.  Publishing companies, lawyers, or businesses would bring in these teachers to review their writing.  Making sure their important documents are especially accurate, and helping with press releases.  By taking advantage of the natural skills of the teachers, their talents could be leveraged for additional income.

Different teacher specialties could be pared with positions that help maximize the impact and effectiveness of their part time efforts.  Math teachers could work with financial departments.  Science teachers helping out at pharmaceutical companies.  As a part time or seasonal occupation, this opportunity wouldn’t disrupt their profession.  It would simply provide a convenient way to add to their underpaid salaries.

Additional Thoughts

There are many skilled teachers who are excellent at their profession.  By leveraging their available time into the private sector, the mutual benefit of the opportunity would be extraordinary.  The businesses hiring these teachers would gain a valuable employee at a discount, while still providing the teachers a competitive wage.

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