A company that makes beach/travel weights by utilizing light weight devices that can be filled with sand or water once you get to your destination in order to work out.  Allowing you to pack a small item, that is durable enough to transition into a weighted kettlebell shape.

In Practice

A customer could take this product with them on a walk to the beach.  When they get there, they can fill up the light weight material with sand or water to add to the weigh of the product.  This would create a kettlebell shape that can be used for exercising on the go.  This product could be offered in different sizes to provide varied resistance and a wider product offering.  It could be expanded into different types of weights as well.

Customers would be able to use this product on the go, allowing them to fit a workout into their busy lives.  Making it easy to pack when you are travelling and still want to get some exercise.  It could be taken with you to work so that you can exercise on your break.  Additional exercise routines can be provided with the product to demonstrate all of the different uses

Additional Thoughts

Increasing the ease of exercise is always a valuable contribution.  This product can be made at a low cost and high margins compared to the price of other weights.  Creating the lightweight design at the right price would be the key to making this product viable.

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