A slightly longer and more difficult mini golf course geared towards adults.  While still keeping the level of challenge well below a normal round of golf, enhancing the mini golf experience to capture more adults would be a successful business.  More and more children’s games are becoming popular with adults, in a fun setting.  Bringing this game that many people grew up playing into a larger format would draw a crowd.

In Practice

This mini golf course would have adults, more specifically young professionals, as their target market.  Allowing alcohol to be served at this location would encourage many people to seek this activity as a fun night out.  Similar to the draw of bowling, but with a more engaging activity associated.  The course could play up this side; having drinks available between 9 holes, plenty of spaces around the course to set drinks down, and golf themed drinks that let people know they can relax and have fun.

In addition to increasing the alcohol available, compared to many mini golf courses geared towards children; this course could increase the size of the course.  Making the first couple of shots a little more difficult, adding to the challenge.  Since the market would be adults, increasing the difficulty for this would make sense.  The business model would also make money off the beverage sales; so keeping customers on the course a little longer than the average round would be mutually beneficial.  Since the customer gets more for their money, and the company can make additional profits.

Along with the course, the mini golf can draw on traditional golf course lounges for drinks before and after; or go the route of a traditional mini golf course and highlight snacks and games.

Additional Thoughts

The mini golf business model has been around for awhile.  While still fun, it needs a twist to capture a larger market and increase profitability.  This tweak in the business will help capture an engaged audience.  Between date nights and groups of friends, it is an exciting activity that would be a huge draw.